Business & Language
Masterclass in business for translators
Business & Poland
2016 Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs
I participated in the Congress as a panellist during a discussion panel with fellow entrepreneurs. I contributed with my experience in business communication and presented the golden rules in communicating clearly with customers. It was an excellent opportunity to discuss how Polish entrepreneurs can gain ground in the UK and find more customers among the […]
Business & Language
Language Show Live 2016
I represented eCPD Webinars in a panel focusing on Continuing Professional Development for linguists during this year’s Language Show Live. Together with representatives from membership associations and universities, we discussed the value of continuing education and the best approaches to improving skills.
Business & Language
Masterclass in marketing for translators
I delivered a half-day workshop focusing on marketing skills for freelance translators in Sao Paulo. The day before the workshop, I delivered a keynote speech at a regional conference in Curitiba, Brazil. More information here.
Business & Information Technology
International Diploma in Business Analysis
This Diploma is an international, industry-recognised certification that demonstrates the knowledge, skills and capabilities to be an effective business analyst. The examination consists of a 50-minute oral examination conducted by two examiners and is largely based on practice. I took the examination on the 21st of September 2016 and was awarded the BCS International Diploma […]
Business & Information Technology
Summer of Student Innovation
I participated in JISC’s Summer of Student Innovation competition with an idea to create an Augmented Reality application to guide students around the campus. The idea was selected for further development and I was among the five winning teams. More details here.
Business & Information Technology & Research
Harvard Summer School
I took a 3-week course in Studies in Innovation and Entrepreneurship as part of Harvard Summer School 2016. This course examines the literature on innovation and entrepreneurship. The question we ask is this: why do some innovations and innovators succeed while others do not? We use the case study method. Several cases of recent innovations, mostly […]
Business & Information Technology
BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering
This certificate focuses on using a systematic approach to eliciting, analysing, validating, documenting and managing requirements. Candidates will be able to understand and explain the requirements engineering approach and adopt relevant techniques at all stages of this approach. I obtained this qualification working towards the International Diploma in Business Analysis.
Business & Information Technology
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice
This certificate is concerned with some of the fundamental aspects of business analysis. The focus is on using an holistic approach to the investigation and improvement of business situations with a view to developing effective, feasible business solutions. I obtained this certificate working towards the International Diploma in Business Analysis.
Business & Information Technology
Spring School 2016 – Communications and Decision Making
The next in our popular series of Spring Schools will be on the crucial topic of Project Communication and Decision Making, concentrating on soft skills relating to effective communication in order to make good decisions. Modules included: Communicating Well, Decisions, Decisions and More Decisions, Project Decision Making, Panel Debate.